Health and Physical Education Regulations for Excused Students

HPE Guidelines/Policy/Recommendation-Office of Health and Physical Education, Instructional Services

Students may be excused from physical education activities for a period of time due to illness or injury. A student may be excused from physical education class activities for one (1) to a maximum of two (2) days upon receipt of a written note from a parent/guardian. The request must include the student’s name, date(s) the student is to be excused, reason(s) or nature of the illness or injury, and must be signed by the parent/guardian.

Students, because of illness and/or injury, who will miss more than two days in succession must have their physician complete a Physician’s Referral Form, Regulation 3206, and submit the completed form to the physical education teacher in a timely manner.

Students who miss two non-consecutive days of physical education class within a two week period because of recurring illness and or injury, may also be required to submit the Physician’s Referral Form, Regulation 3206.

Students shall be required to complete work assignments, in lieu of participation in physical education activities for the allowable period (1-2 days), which are directly related to fulfilling the grade level appropriate benchmarks and/or standards requirements for health and physical education.

Completion of the Physician’s Referral Form, Regulation 3206 provides guidelines and modifications for individualization of the student’s physical education participation while accommodating the injury or restrictive condition.

Students may not be exempt from physical education. Section 504, Public Law 93-112.

Section 504 provides a broad definition of “handicapped” which may include students enrolled in the regular program and characterized by permanent physical disability, obesity, low fitness level, or poor motor coordination, or students recovering from accidents, operations, or injury. Therefore, medical excuses are not acceptable for excusing a student from the physical education requirement. Rather, modified physical education programs must be provided for such students.