Dear Parents,

Fairfax County Public Schools uses a variety of resources to support student learning. Some of the digital resources your child may use this year require parental consent according to their terms of service and/or privacy policy. FCPS takes your child’s privacy and security very seriously, and follows the guidelines set forth by federal legislation. The tools listed below have been thoroughly reviewed and approved for use in FCPS. 

Where possible, students are encouraged to use their FCPS Google account when logging in and creating an account for these resources. This will help to minimize the collection of additional student data, while making the login process more efficient.

A more detailed explanation of the most used tools at Greenbriar East is available by clicking the link below. After reviewing this document, please sign and return Digital Resources Use for Students Under 13 with Parent Permission form you received to school to your teacher.

Digital Resources for Use by Students Under 13

Digital Resources – Permission Form for Use by Students Under 13