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Greenbriar East Elementary School is part of Region 5

Mission, Vision and Beliefs Statement

Greenbriar East Elementary School affirms its commitment to create a community of inquisitive and enthusiastic learners by fostering a challenging, inclusive educational program incorporating technology, and embodying an integrated curriculum to meet the individual and collective needs of all children. GBE maintains a Professional Learning Community, promoting excellence in teaching and community involvement to ensure the successful education of our students in a global society.  Our school programs will reflect collaborative planning, remediation and enrichment student programming.  The school will foster an environment where students will display leadership through respect for self, others, their school, and service to community.

The vision of Greenbriar East Elementary School is to create a safe, caring, nurturing and dynamic academic environment to support students to achieve their full potential while inspiring life-long learning. 

The Greenbriar East community strives to honor diversity through social, emotional, and cultural growth of our students.  GBE provides an inclusive learning environment that stimulates the development of positive attitudes, promotes intellectual curiosity, fosters independent thinking, and encourages academic achievement.


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