3rd Grade Supply List

2019-2020 Third Grade Supply List

  2 Large Boxes of Facial Tissues
  4 Spiral Notebooks (plain colors) Green, Blue, 1 Purple, Yellow
  5 Large Glue Sticks
  1 Box of Clorox Wipes
  2 Boxes of Crayons (box of 24)
  1 Box of Colored Pencils
  1 Box of 8 Washable Markers
  3 Highlighters
  2 Pairs of (Fiskars Sharp) scissors
  1 Package of Black Expo Dry Erase Markers
 12 Pocket Folders (no tabs) (Plain Colors) 2 Red, 2 orange, 2 green, 2 blue,  2 yellow, purple   
  2 Red Pens
  4Pink Pearl Erasers
60 Sharpened Ticonderoga Brand #2 Pencils (No Mechanical!)
  1 Clipboard (Letter Size)
  2 Sets of Multiplication Flash Cards (Keep 1 at home)
  Girls - 1 Box Quart Size  Ziploc Bags (Plastic Slider Bags)
  Boys - 1 Box Gallon Size  Ziploc Bags (Plastic Slider Bags)
  1 Ear Buds or Headphones (Labeled w/student name)
Assignment Pads Will Be Provided for Grades 3-6

  • Some of these supplies will be shared with classmates. They will not necessarily be kept individually.
  • Please check with your child quarterly to make sure he/she has the necessary supplies.
  • No binders or personal sharpeners please!!