6th Grade Supply List

Sixth Grade Supply List

  2 pairs of Earbud Headphones (one for home/one for school) 
  1 3-inch white binder
  3 1-subject spiral notebooks (must have holes)
  2 3-subject spiral notebook (must have holes)
  8 pocket folders (plastic only-must have holes)
  1 package of loose leaf paper (wide rule)
1 zippered pencil pouch (fabric only-no boxes)
  1 ruler (must include cm and in)
  1 package of assorted colors dry erase markers (Expo brand preferred) 
  2 large boxes of facial tissues 
12 large glue sticks
48 pencils (#2) sharpened **Ticonderoga Brand Preferred**
  1 package of pencil top erasers 
  2 large pink erasers 
  2 red pens
  2 black or blue pens
  1 box of 8 markers, fine/thin line
  1 package of colored pencils
  3 highlighters
  2 pair of Fiskars sharp scissors (labeled)
  1 large container of disinfecting wipes (girls)
  1 container of baby wipes (boys)
  1 roll paper towels

**Assignment Pads Will Be Provided for Grades 3-6**