6th Grade Supply List

2019-2020 Sixth Grade Supply List

  1 1-inch white binder (plastic only)
  2 Large Boxes of Facial Tissues 
12 Large Glue Sticks
48 Pencils (#2) sharpened **Ticonderoga Brand Preferred**
  1 Package of Pencil Top Erasers 
  2 Large Pink Erasers 
  3 1-Subject Spiral Notebooks
  2 3-Subject Spiral Notebook 
  4 Red Pens
  1 Box of 8 Markers, Fine/Thin Line
  1 Package of Colored Pencils
  3 Highlighters
  2 Pair of Fiskars Sharp Scissors
  8 Pocket Folders (plastic) 
  1 box Hefty Ziplock Sandwich Sized Bags - Girls
  1 box Hefty Ziplock Quart Sized Bags - Boys
  1 Large container of Clorox Wipes 
  1 Container Baby Wipes
  1 Roll Paper Towels
  1 Fabric Zipper Bag for Pencils (no boxes
  1 Package of Expo Dry Erase Markers
  2 pairs of Earbud Headphones (in Ziploc bag labeled with student name) 

Assignment Pads Will Be Provided for Grades 3-6