Kindergarten and New Student Registration

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Confirm your address is within Greenbriar East Elementary School boundaries.

Please note the results representing the advanced academic placement centers is only for those students in grades 3-6 found eligible for center placement.

Kindergarten Registration for 2020-2021

Children who reach the age of five on or before September 30, 2020 and are living within Greenbriar East boundaries are eligible to attend Greenbriar East during the 2020-2021 school year. View the list of registration forms and documents you will need to gather to complete your child's registration.

Grades K-6 Registration for 2020-2021

PLEASE NOTE: If there is more than one language spoken in the home, registration and language testing takes place prior to your registration appointment at Greenbriar East Elementary School at the locations listed below:

  • Lake Anne - Reston map 11484 Washington Plaza West, Suite 310, Reston, VA 20190 Contact person: Maria Miller Phone: 703-668-0690
  • Dunn Loring Center map 2334 Gallows Road, Dunn Loring VA 22027 Contact person: Patricia Durish Phone: 703-204-6740

Current Fairfax County Public Schools Students

View a list of documents you will need if you have moved or will be moving into the Greenbriar East boundaries.

registration appointment should be made with the School Registrar after completing all forms and gathering all documentation.

For all inquiries, call the School Registrar at 703-633-6400.

View Procedures for students who are new to FCPS and will be attending Greenbriar East Elementary